Campus Besieged by Munchkins

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If you’re trying to study in Butler right now, you probably already know that there’s a giant children’s reading party going on out on the lawns–it’s part of the Times-sponsored Great Children’s Read, and a zillion tiny people have turned out to ensnare you on your way to midterms purgatory.

If you’re able to escape, They Might Be Giants are going on at 3:10 PM. And meanwhile, there’s a certain amount of schwag to be had, including those delicious little greek yogurts.

Update, 2:15pm: The view from a Butler denizen: 


Adorable photos of frolicking children the jump.


— Photos by Liz Naiden

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  1. 3 fire alarms  

    in twelve hours in EC! That is unbelievable. This sucks!

  2. Everyone knows...

    ...Fage is the superior Greek yogurt

  3. Anonymous  

    ... none of the high spirits outside make people in the reading rooms and study areas any more considerate of their fellow students during this "busy period". why do people really have to take up two seats? are the needs of someones possessions really grater than those of someone trying to find a place to study? just wondering...

  4. shwag?  

    That's a term for shitty weed. Are the children selling weed?

  5. youforgot  

    COMMON at 2:35. get out there now!!

  6. Jumpropes  

    Walking down Broadway, I kept seeing all of these parents children linked by long red cords, and it took me most of the trip to Westside to realize that they were souvenir jump ropes and not child leashes. Oops.

  7. PaternalInstinct  

    Well I'll be sure to stack up on rubbers because those things (children as others call them) just annoy the crap out of me.

    Filthy, filthy little things.

  8. sighting  

    stephan was sighted today waiting in line for common's autograph, in a casual blue sweater!

  9. damn  

    I missed Common AND TMBG?? Shit, man- we couldn't get those two acts for our spring concert? Although I'd be amused if we get TMBG. And everyone would be very confused.

    Also, posting pictures of random children on the internet without their parents' permission is usually discouraged.

  10. charlie driscoll  

    fuck common and tmbg. i saw rufus humphrey from gossip girl read me a children's story, it was epic.

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