Greeting the Four Trashy Horsemen of the Apocalypse

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Oh what do you know, this Saturday regrettable-costume emporium Ricky’s opened. And just in time for you to buy something special for Halloween. This afternoon, Bwog wandered inside the rabbit hole. Join us, as we try to make sense of this thing.

First of all, upon entering and snapping a few pictures, a Ricky’s employee approached Bwog and told us that it was “against the law of Ricky’s” to take pictures. Camera in pocket, we advanced past the front of the store’s collection of kids costumes and masks and towards the “costumes for playful adults,” as their packaging announced.

The two brands of costumes most represented included the instructively named “Forplay” and the cryptic “Leg Ave.,” which is maybe some sort of trashy underworld euphemism for “skirt.” Who knows.

There was also your typical selection of Unchaste Soccer Player, Sexually Indiscriminate Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, and Wanton Race Car Driver, etc., but there were also some surprising variations on the theme of Thing Which Is Not Usually Suggestive But Is Made To Be. For example, Ricky’s boasted Sexy Ghost Buster and Sexy Corpse Bride costumes.

There are also plenty of the wigs, glittery things, capes, and makeup that you’d come to expect from a Ricky’s, assuming you’ve come to expect anything from a Ricky’s. 

Bwog spoke with an employee and asked if business had been booming since Saturday’s opening. “I guess so. I just got here.”

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  1. Oh, brave new world  

    We lost Kims for THIS?! Epic fail.

  2. sweet  

    I bet they have some real original costumes:
    slutty nurse
    slutty cop
    slutty nun
    slutty pirate
    slutty minuteman
    slutty cheerleader
    slutty teacher

  3. or perhaps  

    chaste slut

  4. Nobler  

    What is the mechanism through which Ricky's will transform into a beauty store?

  5. ......

    Can we all just agree to never buy anything from this place? Market forces, we need you now.

  6. im gonna

    go old school for halloween and just be a slut. none of this fancy-schmancy sluttery for me


    I miss Kim's so much! How do y'all get your movies now? Torrents and Netflix?

  8. seriously  

    seriously, Morningside Heights? there were no better alternatives?

  9. I agree  

    That's definite agreement -- major rubbish.


    from cheap, great movie selection, to cheap grating whoredom. whoopie.

  10. yes  

    can we please all boycott Ricky's?! also, if we don't, the stationary-cum-costume shop at halloween on broadway between 111th and 112th will close!! and everyone who works there is so nice (as are the owners) - plus, it's a neighborhood establishment.


  11. random  

    This Halloween I will be dressing up as a slutty Sarah Palin.

  12. Wait  

    Isn't Sexually Indiscriminate Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader being a little redundant? I thought that was part of the audition...

  13. i didn't know

    us columbia students were getting so much to have a whole store serving our baser needs

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