O Starbucks, Thou Giveth Caffeine to the Students

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ddBwog passed the Carman gates at 114th Street and was happy to find representatives from Seattle eager to bequeath $5 Starbucks Cards as well as Tazo Tea and their replacement for adderall to students harried by midterms.  All you have to do is put your “name” and your “address” onto a postcard that you are sending to your “parents.”  Enjoy!


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  1. hooray  

    thanks bwog free stuff woooo

  2. Alum

    "Bequeath"??? Does that mean the cards won't arrive until after the Starbucks reps die? "Bestow" seems more appropriate.

  3. GS owl

    wants to snog Stabucks barista. Coffee smell, steam burns & all.

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