Don’t Open That Door! Someone Could Be Lactating

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Over two years ago, Bwog noted the appearance of a Lactation Room in Carman. It actually appears that there are seven such rooms of requirement scattered around campus, the most recent of which–for the women of SEAS–is the first one yet for an undergraduate school.

Are the recesses of Mudd better suited for procreation? Or are female engineers just more fertile than their left-brained sisters? Mysteries, all!

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  1. lactation  

    not lacation...

  2. tags`  

    Ah, milk and sex. They go together better than advertised.

  3. odd  

    Carman has a lactation room. isn't that weird?

  4. senior  

    "the first one yet for an undergraduate school"?

    Bwog, SEAS is a graduate school, too. Duh.

  5. why is this news  

    1) there are also staff in every area of campus
    2) the lactation rooms are in areas that are more private... than say the ramp lounges in lerner
    3) the bldgs with lactation rooms are probably buildings that had the space for them (http://www.hr.columbia.edu/hr/wacguide/resources/lactation-room/)

  6. uh...  

    first link doesn't work.



    go ahead, call me childish.

  8. ...  

    when i was a freshman in high school, i walked in on my english teacher pumping milk once. it was weird. lactation rooms are a-ok by me.

  9. lactating

    boobs make me lactate somewhere else.

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