Postcrypt’s Nod to Propaganda

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The people of Postcrypt are advertising for an event tomorrow night by — how else? — erecting an homage to the Eastern Bloc, right on your College Walk.

According an email from the club, the makeshift Berlin Wall is here for you to draw on, the theme for tomorrow’s show being “Propaganda.” 

There’s even a watchtower, just like a real military boundary. This thing is only standing until 5 PM, at which point David Hasselhoff will perform “Looking for Freedom.”

Photo by Anish Bramhandkar

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  1. needs more

    pictures of the wall itself!

  2. ?????  

    What is the red symbol on the back of the girl's jacket? Is it NERV?

  3. Come and  

    tear down the wall! Tear down the wall!

  4. Ronald Reagan  

    Mr Gorbachev, suck off my balls!

  5. there's  

    a mister softee truck on 114th and b'way

  6. Postcrypt  

    Postcrypt Coffeehouse, on the other hand, is hosting the Ugly Fish Lit Night from 9PM-12AM. COME COME COME COME COME!

  7. more info  

    on the postcrypt art gallery show that isn't on the sidebar:

    -8-10 pm
    -in the art gallery (basement of st. paul's)
    -interactive art
    -comedy act
    -absentee ballot forms
    -& more!

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