1. Alum

    Chalfie did not get $1.5 million. He and the other two winners will split the prize, which is actually worth a total of about $1.4 million. Also, they won't actually get the money until after a ceremony in December.

  2. RE: Endowement

    This author has succeeded in stating the most obvious issues concerning CU's endowment investments possible. "There’s no reason their donations should decline along with hedge funds." Are you fucking serious? Have you considered the fact that the majority of CU's donations are made by either A) Hedge fund managers, PE fund managers, etc or B) Those who are wealthy by other means certainly have a lot of their wealth tied up in hedge funds and other vehicles. "[T]he IMC’s portfolio is diversified." No shit? Really? A $7bn + fund is diversified. Thats like saying the sun rises in the morning. I'm sure that CU IMC didn't put all its money into Google. And last but certainly not least, "[t]he connection between the IMC’s success and the happenings on Wall Street is an even more pressing issue." This is perhaps the most disappointing of all. The IMC is a god damn investment company so no shit its success is tied to the welfare of the global economy. The IMC for your purposes is no different than a pension fund, mutual fund, etc. So the idea that you should assert that it is tied to the markets is hilarious. The Spec should get someone to write article on economics, the markets, etc who actually knows what they are talking about.

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