Saturday Styles: Leather Edition

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This week
Saturday Styles spotlights the biker and bomber jackets. 

This fall, Columbia students have thrown their concerns for animal rights to the wind and have embraced the leather bomber/biker jacket. And really how better to fend off the blustery October winds than with a sharply fitted leather jacket?

Both Bwog and our friends over at the decidedly more sartorially-inclined blog  I am Fashion agree: As the October chill settles, eager bomber babes and studs alike have broken out their leather jackets in all styles and shades.  Take a look at what caught Bwog’s eye this week:


The Studious Biker: Lots of pockets and heavy metal zippers are downplayed here with a soft scarf.


Another jacket with fanciful labels was spotted outside Barnard. In this look, the heavy metals zippers are accentuated by a bright top.


SIPA student channels the young Marlon Brando.


For an effortless, yet fashion-conscious look pair a tight-fitting leather bomber with black leggings or jeans.

For a softer take on the aforementioned style, try the bomber in a warmer brown hue.

  — MEQ

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  1. hey bwog  

    free mumia march right now on the harlem side of riverside park. there's like 50 of them. but they're loud.


  2. Let him  

    die. There are rules for society. One of them is simple.

    You kill a cop, you die. You absolutely die.

  3. hey hey  

    Hey Bwog, I like this, keep it up!

  4. Curvy  

    "also columbia people are too skinny-we need some curves"

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  5. !!!  

    by the way, behind the times!

  6. disappointed

    I was really hoping to see girls in rick owens jackets when I clicked on this
    please let them exist at CU

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