Alan Brinkley Reviews “W.”

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You have probably seen an ad for Oliver Stone’s new biopic “W.” (starring Josh Brolin, on the right, as the sitting president) and have been unsure what to make of it. Will this be chock full of half-baked conspiracy theories? A depressing psychological portrait? Most of all, is it worth your hard-earned dollars (or download time)? 

Well, Newsweek enlisted popular Columbia history professor (and the outgoing Provost who seems to have a little bit more time on his hand these days to comment about politics and the economy) Alan Brinkley to review the film, especially on historical grounds. His verdict? “There are no conspiracy theories, no wild speculations, no paranoia. Stone’s film is not hagiography. It is not propaganda. It is, surprisingly, more or less fair.” That gets Bwog at least a little more interested.

 Make you own judgment when the film hits theaters this Friday, October 17th.

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  1. wow.

    That's his standard of fairness? The absence of cospiracy theories? Wow, what an academic!

  2. man  

    whoever that guy is supposed to be, he looks sad. :-(

  3. joke?  

    Wait, #2, are you joking? I mean...if you had read the post...you would know that he was supposed to be our president...haha.

    Also I'm very excited to see the movie.

    Yeah, #1 I think A. Brinkley's article made a lot of sense. If you had really read it, I don't think you would criticize his "standard of fairness" since he clearly marks out a pretty sound argument, in the academic style.

  4. Anonymous  

    Wait . . . "worth your hard earned dollars"? At Columbia? Where 50% of the undergrads can pay $53k a year? I'll take a few bucks out of my trust fund.

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