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Catch the final installment of the exciting presidential debate series tonight at 9 PM. Your favorite campus political enthusiasts—the CUGOP, the Dems, and CPU—will be watching this thing in Lerner Cinema. 

If you’re stuck studying, try procrastinating with some liveblogs. Bwog recommends New York Timesthe Caucus, Wonkette and Jonathan Martin/Ben Smith of Politico.

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  1. Bwog  

    You must love leaving out groups who co-sponsor. Try "LionPAC" and "Queer Awareness Month"

  2. CHANGE!  


    This was on the Howard Stern show.
    A reporter went into Harlem, asking people on the street who they will be voting for. The reporter was curious to find out if people are voting Obama because of his policies or because he is black. To test this, they discussed McCain's policies as if they were Obama's. The result? Nobody seemed to know what Obama's policies are. Apparently, Harlemites are ok with the fact that Obama is "pro-life" and for "staying in Iraq". Good to know!!

    • MY FRIENDS!  

      FYI, in the same interview, Republicans he ran into were also asked similar questions, including questions like do you approve of Joe Biden as his VP selection, to which they replied yes.

      Nice try, scumbag. If not bipartisan, the dumb vote is squarely with the right in this election.

  3. tonight's debate

    has really been a bresh of freath air

  4. Mario  

    Why is Joe getting all this publicity? Has everyone forgotten about me?

  5. bob the builder  

    what about me?

  6. President Obama  

    Get used to it.

  7. Guess what!

    John McCain's pubes are white.

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