CCSC Gets With the Digital Age

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bannerIt may not be as fancy as Experience Columbia’s campaign site, but a CCSC 2009 class council member has tipped us off to the Council’s new-ish beta site (they haven’t advertised it widely, at least), which replaces the never-used, never-updated baby blue version of yore. This one, in patriotic red and cobalt, currently houses a few shreds of useful information–including an archive of resolutions presented in the last several years–and promises more. The 2009 section is a good place to go for your senior agenda, because a) who reads Mark Johnson’s e-mails, and b) graduation is too freaking close for comfort. Happy surfing!

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  1. interesting  

    to note that as far as functionality and information goes the CC09 website rocks the shit out of the SEAS one.

  2. and  

    this is what happens when you let the SEAS 2009 council try to do something right...

    What ever happened to warren? I get the feeling he did a lot more

  3. ugh  

    robyn irritates the shit outta me

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