Kevin Shollenberger Now Permanently New Chris Colombo

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In July, Columbia said goodbye to longtime Dean of Student Affairs Chris Colombo. Now, Kevin Shollenberger has been appointed as his replacement as Dean of Student Affairs. Shollenberger had been serving as interim dean since Colombo left.

Before becoming dean, Shollenberger was Associate Dean of Student Affairs for nine years. He is best known among students for his role in organizing the Office of Multicultural Affairs, the Office of Student Group Advising, and various other parts of Columbia’s bureaucratic alphabet soup.

Bwog, of course, will always love him for looking as dapper as he did at the ServiceNation summit (see picture).

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  1. the letter  

    quigley and navratil sent out said he would be 'permanent' for 2 years until the new CC & SEAS deans come in, which was a little strange...

  2. durrrrrrh....


    heh heh heh


    Wow. So the asylum is being run by the inmates, eh?

  3. pretty sure  

    it's colOmbo--get it right BWOG.

  4. ...

    Shollenberger is awesome!!! He'll make a great dean.

  5. Anonymous  

    Hey BWOG, how about a little report on Faceliss.com for Columbia? It's like an updated boredatbutler. It kind of needs more activity (I think it's rather new), and if Bwog tells people about it, I'm sure interest will rise.


  6. No, actually  

    ...tisn't the creator.

    I don't even know when it was created or who created it.

    All i kno is its cool and people should know about it..like antarctica or something.

  7. so columbia...  

    the way to fix our problems: bring in people from the inside?

    I don't get it.

  8. the un-alum

    with the exception of the office of admissions, no division at Student Affairs ever really supported me. In fact I'd like to especially single out SDA for being a worthless blackhole that sapped me of time, energy, and will. Advising? A joke. Financial Aid? I had fight with them regularly to keep my aid. Pre-prof? HAH. Res Programs? At least I got free food at study breaks once in a while...

    And the self-congratulatoriness of it all... ugh.

    • sda  

      The obnoxiousness of SDA has more to do with Robert Taylor than it does with Kevin Shollenberger. Shollenberger does not believe in regulating and restricting students (generally viewing them as liabilities that need to be controlled) as Robert Taylor does.

      Anyway, the real danger here is that ABC groups and the Councils are now, possibly, going to be led by Robert Taylor, should he get Kev-Sho's old position. Oh lord there will be a riot :)

  9. shollenberger kinda

    looks like john edwards

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