Culture Alert: The Lewis Nash Quintet at Miller Theater

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Studying for Music Hum midterms often can taint a student’s passion for music.  If this sounds all too familiar, take advantage of some world-class live music right here at Columbia.  The Lewis Nash Jazz Quintet is playing at Miller Theater tonight at eight.

Nash may not be one of the Masters of Western music that gets covered by the Core, but that’s no reason to skip out on tonight’s concert.  And while he might not have made it into the canon yet, Nash has collaborated with Wynton Marsalis, Dizzy Gillespie, Betty Carter, Sonny Rollins, Ray Brown among other first-rate jazz musicians. And whoever said that the drummer could never be the front man of the band, certainly didn’t know Nash. Tonight’s concert will feature Nash on the drums along side the four other musician in his quintet playing music their most recent album “Rhythm is My Business.” Culture on campus for seven bucks with your CUID! That’s Bwog’s kind of business.

If you can’t escape Butler tonight, you can sample some of his music here.  Jazz makes great studying music!

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  1. question  

    Did anyone else attend Lewis Nash and write down the names of some of the songs? I had gone expecting the program to have some sort of information on what was played but as per miller theatre, it was useless. The only song title that I could remember was "I never told you" composed by Johnny Mandel, because Nash made such a big deal of it being from the obscure movie "That Cold Day in the Park"

    Anyway, please post if you went and remember or wrote down any of the rest of the score.


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