A Farewell to Alarms

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Tonight was the third fire alarm for Carman residents in that number of weeks. The 12s were ushered out of the building at around midnight tonight and were then told to go back inside while the alarm continued to ring. According to our mysterious friends at Public Safety, the alarm was set off due to “unknown reasons.”

— Photo by Sean Zimmermann

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  1. i heard  

    a soccer ball hit the fire alarm on floor 12

  2. wasn't there  

    a schapiro fire alarm as well?

  3. yup:  

    sunday evening around 8:30

  4. carman  

    fire alarm due to "unkown reasons"?

    don't varieties of smoke cause fire alarms?

  5. i heard  

    stephan set off the fire alarm with his pure hotness

  6. ex-Carman  

    3 alarms in 3 weeks in Carman isn't that much...certainly not BWOG-worthy.

    4 over 2 days is much more interesting, and happened 2 years ago.

  7. i heard  

    the hipsters set off the alarm when they started exhaling.

  8. brush with greatness  

    dude, I bumped into him walking out of the bathroom and it set my heart a-flutter.

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