Week in Review: Haves and Have Nots

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  1. good lord  

    some dude has been playing the samefucking terrible loud ass song in the piano lounge for over an hour. repetitive, bad piano, and i can hear it loudly from the lerner computer lab.

    it's times like these that i wish for vigilante justice.

  2. it seems to me  

    that nobody actually likes having a piano in the piano lounge besides the Pianists themselves. The Councils should make an effort to have it removed. A lot of people use it to work or to have informal meetings, so I doubt people would complain.

  3. you morons

    the point of the piano lounge is that there is a piano. and no, i'm not a pianist. but if i don't want to be around someone playing piano, i don't go do work there. simple.

  4. grammar

    "quite" vs "quiet" Bwog

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