KCST: Adbusted

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Reports of KCST’s (apparently successful!) advertising methodology have been numerous. According to a Bwog tipster embedded in Butler, around 11 PM “some guy just walked into a reading room on the third floor to stump about KCST’s one acts in a booming voice. He carried on for about a minute, students looked confused, rolled their eyes. He stopped, people went back to work.

Later, men wearing what Bwog informant Emily Wilson characterized as “uncomfortably sheer tights” wandered into tonight’s ESC meeting, also for advertising purposes.

Photo by Emily Wilson

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  1. emily wilson

    rocks my socks

  2. uhhh  

    I'm IN the One-Acts and I didn't know about this... =\

  3. if only  

    these two clowns had only told ESC where these events were...

  4. hmm no.  

    not really. We knew when. But where?

  5. oops..  

    and they are in Black Box...

    apparently butler has taken away the functioning part of my brain... sorry

  6. also..  

    if you want to know when campus events are... in general a lot of student events are posted on this new, student run site: www.campusplaybook.com

    ... you can search by student group, and also by day... or even just find all the events with free food...

  7. striKING


  8. love

    those boys...and em wilson

    you are the future of king's crown

  9. i have  

    a massive crush on emily wilson, fo reals

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