Political Weekly: The Beginning of the End

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White House Bureau Chief James Downie resumes his duties.

Normally, I’ve tried to begin these dispatches with a semi-relevant segue. Yet, as of tomorrow, there will be only two weeks left before the end of the presidential campaign. Frankly, the election at this point needs no introduction, so let’s just jump right in. And now, the news:

Rollin’ in the Benjamins: Senator Barack Obama raised $150 million in September. $150,000,000. That is a staggering amount of money. John McCain, who is bound by public financing rules, only has $47 million left to spend in October. That sound you hear is every TV and radio in the country running Obama ads.

Palin in the Big City: Governor Sarah Palin appeared on SNL last weekend, and you can see videos from the (meh) episode here.

Debate Reax: The third debate was watched by 56.5 million people. Obama won the debate, according to polls afterwards, but the big news was the focus on some random man named “Joe the Plumber,” who both candidates suddenly turned into “the most famous plumber in the nation.”

Powell Makes A Decision: Former Secretary of State General Colin Powell endorsed Obama on this Sunday’s Meet The Press. Rush Limbaugh amusingly/controversially wondered what “inexperienced, very liberal, white candidates” Powell had endorsed, and your correspondent wondered if it was of quick, decisive decisions like this late October endorsement that made Powell such a good commander… 

Numbers Are Sex-ay: As always, numbers are available here, here, here, and here.

Continuing the Search for Reason, Truth, and the Liberal Way: Jane Mayer of the New Yorker (whose recent book was excellent) explores why Palin was picked. Lots of horny conservative pundits, if you’re into that sort of thing.

“CHARLIE’S IN RIGHT FIELD!”: The Onion reports on how Obama spent his Vietnam years.

The Worst Case Scenario Thankfully Does Not Involve Cheese: The Next Right and Culture11 explore the worst and best case scenarios for the Right. Again, it does not involve cheese. Why would it involve cheese, you ask? I don’t know; it seemed like a silly idea at the time.

Frying Pan to Fire: Tampa Bay rookie pitcher David Price, who closed out the Boston Red Sox last night, will introduce Obama at his Tampa event. Insiders first worried Obama would be offending “Red Sox Nation,” but then they realized one bandwagon is as good as the next.

It’s Filler Time: Networks are looking at how to deal with a quick end to the suspense on Election Night.

From the Department of “Pundit Whoops”: Contrary to the popular punditry (i.e. Clintonite propaganda) during the primaries, Obama is not doing poorly among Latinos. But Clinton supporters were right about so much else…

Awwwwww: Obama takes time to attend his daughter’s soccer game, and the pool reporter takes time to shoehorn in a sarcastic reference to William Ayers.



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