CityRoom Visits Morningside Heights

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Robert McFadden, a writer for the New York Times’ CityRoom blog, waxed poetic this morning about his recent visit to Morningside Heights.  Sights include our local public library branch (conscience clearing), our fair campus (an “open fortress”), and Riverside Park (“burning yellow and russet”).  Overall, it’s really just a page-long muse, but at least it’s a good testament to Bwog’s recent autumnal melancholy.

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  1. What do you  

    call this neighborhood when it becomes completely infested with mosquitos?

    Morningside Bites!

  2. what do you  

    call this neighborhood when Madonna Constantine and other plagiarists finally get kicked out?

    Morningside Cites!

  3. Silly Rabbit  

    It says a lot about my life that post #2 was the funniest thing I've heard all day.

  4. Yeah

    I actually am a huge fan of this neighborhood. It lacks a lot of the awful smells and noisiness that the rest of the city has. The downfall? UWS As***** are everywhere. The UWS is the new UES for being a self-important snob.

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