ESC, etc.: GS’s Owlnapping?

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 Fu Foundation Bureau Chief Sean Zimmermann reports from last night’s ESC meeting.

At last night ESC meeting, many changes were afoot within the ESC you know and love. Even though CourseWorks is maybe probably on the outs, the Council’s Director of Technology Kenny Rivera is developing a CourseWorks application for the iPhone—to better check that your professor didn’t post the assigned reading, on the go!

And then there was a bit of odd news concerning GS’s logo, which needs to be replaced because it was apparently taken from a community college. You remember Gulliver, yes? ESC did not mention which community college shares GS’s logo, but a quick Google Image search reveals that Harford Community College is a possibility.

Later, as we’ve previously reported, these goings-on were interreputed by KCST’s band of roving advertisements. After they left, on rep. joked to “raise your hand” if you caught to location of the one-acts. 

Finally, ESC announced that it would be creating its own Barnard swipe access survey. They promised it would be short, as its brevity might correspond to the number who actually read it. Bwog thinks they may be onto something.

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  1. Non-GS'er

    I see on the gslounge page that they are calling for "academic parody" with CC. Huh?

  2. GS'er on the outs

    Funny thing about the logo. There was one used last year that I commented to the former GSSC Pres. how it looked like FAU's owl. He said that's what he was going for. Not surprised the macot/emblem has been stolen from somewhere else

  3. memorex  

    The GS owl was handdrawn by a GS student last year - OR at least that was what was paid for by the GSSC.

  4. gs,  

    should do something cool for a change and make their mascot Hawkmadinejad.

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