Hawkmadinejad Wants You to Photoshop Him

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Last week, campus welcomed the heroic return of its illustrious talon-wielding raptor mascot and friend, Hawkmadinejad. Bwog got so excited at the prospect of an extended stay by our friend at Columbia this fall that we jumped in on all of the hooplah by creating a Hawkmadinejad 1977 Prom Photoshop Contest in his honor.

This is just a friendly reminder to send along any renderings of the winged wonder and perhaps a special friend at their 1977 prom to us here at Bwog.  So, if Butler’s got you a little woozy or you can’t bear studying for that final midterm any more, take a quick break, procrastinate a bit, and send us your favorite likeness of Hawkmadinejad and friend!

All submissions are due by this Wednesday at 11:59 PM to [email protected], and Bwog continues to rack its collective brain to decide on an exciting and creative prize for the winner of this affair, one of our favorite Photoshop contests.  

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  1. No...

    no he doesn't. Please no one pay attention to this half-assed attempt by Bwog to fein creativity and interesting coverage.

  2. who  

    has this much time during MIDTERMS??

  3. alright cynics  

    i don't know why everyone is being so antagonistic about this contest. for one, it doesn't actually take a long time to photoshop something. but more importantly, the hawk has become somewhat of a campus symbol, and this is a cute and funny way to keep the spirit alive.

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