Brilliant Science Saves Lives, Stiffens Eyeballs

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cleareyeWhile deadly pathogens like avian flu are circulating around the world, Columbia Medical Center’s Department of Ophthamology has come up with a way to safely stiffen your eyeball.

No, this has nothing to do with one of our other illustrious alumni but rather a solution to the blinding disease of keratoconus and possibly even glaucoma and myopia.  The researchers found that sodium nitrite in a buffered balanced salt solution stiffens the cornea and prevents the eye from bulging too far.  All the gory details are in the patent application.

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  1. correction  

    "one of OUR"

  2. dude  

    i saw said other illustrious alumni in dulles airport once. it was WEIRD

  3. Adam Nobler  

    "Win Ben Stein's Money" is one of the greatest games shows of all time.

    Prove me wrong.

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