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dsaIt seems that Barnard’s new president, whose coronation inauguration tomorrow will effectively shut down campus west of Broadway, is a “Person of Interest” in the mind of Daily Beast, who published an interesting profile, calling her a gamble (but a good one) for a woman’s college, having never attended or taught at one. 

Kate Taylor thinks that she does, however, have invaluable experiences in being not only an academic (as Judith Shapiro no doubt is), but also an expert on the political economy from her time at Harvard Business who has the marketing know-how to restore Barnard’s standing among liberal arts colleges.  Only time will tell if she can make good on the predictions, but she has already been hob-knobbing with the all-important New York media, and they control the image of her fair institution.  Bwog is just hoping that she isn’t made into a Varsity Show character.

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  1. Alum

    "as Judith Shapiro no doubt is"???

    Of course she is -- she's a cultural anthropologist and former provost at Bryn Mawr. She taught there for almost 20 years, and at the University of Chicago before that. This would not have been difficult to look up.

  2. c.

    The Bwog writer meant that JShap is obviously an academic (like DSpar) but DSpar is also good with marketing, i.e. that JShap's main experience is that she was an academic. Not that they were too lazy to look up JShap's credentials.

    • Alum

      If they meant "obviously", then that's what they should have said. "No doubt" doesn't mean the same thing. The former implies that the speaker knows the statement to be true, while the latter implies that he/she does not.

  3. Hey Bwog...  

    ... can you find out more about this potential plan to make all rising sophomores register in doubles for housing selection?

  4. angry  

    if i'm forced to register to live with another stupid member of 2012 other than myself i am going to kill myself, then i'll be a famous martyr like joan of arc

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