Fox News Finds Its C-Spot

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Oh dear, it seems our friends at Fox News have gotten their hands on an issue of C-Spot. And wonder upon wonders, the literotica has offended their delicate sensibilities!

In between abusing uncomfortable phrases like “naughty bits” (shudder) and “steamy enough to wilt Ivy,” Fox managed to track down two students to see what they thought about the mag. One such opinion-haver is David Billingsley, CC 09, who said that he hopes C-Spot “doesn’t add to our reputation as a sex-crazed campus. Because we’re not.”

Fox News begs to differ.

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  1. hahaha  

    "John Gibson: So, first of all, are you surprised that at Columbia University they're having S&M seminars?

    ANN COULTER: Well, it's better than a lot of things they're being taught at Columbia, so it's not all bad news."


  2. Coulter's  

    ability to pass judgment so quickly and so broadly demonstrates her deep lack of intellectual curiosity and general ignorance. That such is so obvious - and Fox News decides that she is qualified to speak on these matters anyway - speaks more to Fox News' credibility as a "News" organization than anything else...

    • Listen  

      please don't try to construct a reasoned argument in opposition to Fox News, and definitely not in opposition to Coulter.

      Just enjoy the hilarity of it all. Everybody thinks we're getting laid. This can only be good for admissions next year.

  3. This

    is hilarious. Don't stop, Fox News. You're getting me through midterms.

  4. puh-lease  

    sex at columbia? my middle school had more.

  5. Anonymous  

    Sure, it's hilariously ridiculous, but it still bothers me so much that these people are spreading such stupidities.

    Many of my friends' parents back home watch Fox News religiously, and it scary to know they will believe whatever Fox says.

  6. Jeez  

    Judging by her hatred of all things sexual, Ann Coulter needs to get laid. But I'll be damned if I'm the one to do it.

  7. Fox

    got the article from the NY Post, which printed it earlier today

  8. Imagination

    I imagine David Billingsley giving that quote with a bitter, failed look on his face.

  9. Silly Rabbit  

    Where is this sex?

    It's not in the Butler stacks unlike popular belief would presume, it's sure as hell not in my dorm, and it's not in the classrooms.

    If anything there's not enough of it. Ever spend a weekend at Berkeley? I lost virginities I didn't know I had back there.

    Columbia is one of the most wholesome schools around. If your definition of perversion is a black and white picture of covered breast then you're still in the pink.

  10. '08 alum

    I remember back in the day when Chris Kulawik would have been on Fox talking about this. No current College Republicans are as well connected to Fox?

    • Not only  

      would he be talking about this, but he would be professing expertise on sex and sexual health. That wart-faced prick was actually invited to Fox as a guest student speaker in opposition to gender neutral housing. Look for it on youtube.

    • Haha

      He wasn't on Fox because he was "well-connected to Fox," he was on Fox because he was outspoken. Everybody on campus knew his name. He was probably more well-known than the student body president. More people probably heard of Chris Kulawik last year than Chris Columbo, for that matter. (No offense to Columbo, who I was sorry to see resign.)

  11. be the change  

    Those of us that want to see the health of the sexual scene change need to stop sitting around expecting conditions to change.

    Forget societal norms you don't agree with and start fucking experimenting!

  12. cspot question

    why are the pictures so tame? this is the howard stern in me talking, but there must be students willing to do quasiporn. if you crop out the heads or something, you can keep it anonymous and get more people who'd be willing.

  13. LOLZ  

    Coulter: "You want a sex club? Become an evangelical."

    • angry religion major  


      Within the world of Christians (if we can even call evangelicals Christians) it is CATHOLICS who have the better sex--they have the candles, ritual, meaning, all those beautiful things. There's actually numerical evidence for this, you ******* **** *** ***** ***** *** *** **** **** ***** ******** *****!!!!!! [referring to Ann Coulter].

      Who said that mattered? Out of all the religions, I bet you Hindus have THE BEST SEX, anyway.

      yeah...nuggets for ya knowledge.

  14. ...  

    i think the murdoch camp's obsession with columbia is really fascinating. they really make it out to be a hell of a lot more interesting than it really is.

    they like to paint it as some kind of ultra leftist freakshow, when in reality, this place is pretty tame. i mean, seriously, this place does not even compare to west coast liberalism.

    as far as i can tell, it's mostly stacked with kids gunning for morgan stanley or accenture. the only time that any reasonable number of students seem to get upset is when they feel that the image of their future alma mater is somehow losing "prestige."

    seriously, i think the fox people who come up with this shit are columbia graduates who have grown beyond the "obsessed with the image of my alma mater" bullshit and have fun poking at the kids that are now in the horrible headspace that they once were.

  15. Channel 11

    Had a story about C-Spot last night. Not only that, it was delivered by Arthur Chi'en, an apparent Columbia alum. Not only THAT, but he interviewed people on the street, who overwhelmingly rated the magazine as 8-9/10. In ADDITION, they had some sexual innuendos sprinkled throughout the news story. I hope my excitement about this is as readily apparent in my writing as it is on my giddy face.

  16. I have it  

    I thing I have my finger on the button of Sarah Palin's "Real America" - the America that watches and believes, sincerely, in Fox News.

  17. Hypocrites  

    I find C-Spot repulsive and I am not Christian.

    It's scary to know that countless young people believe every word out of Barack Obama's mouth, yet fail to realize he is a card carrying member of the pro-war CFR and is pro North American Union, just like John McCain. We are a nation of partisan slaves and drones. Think for yourself people. You think breastfeeding off CNN is any different? Hypocrisy at its finest.

    Signed - A Muslim American

    • noob  

      CFR is the Council on Foreign Relations. They are a think tank, and a brilliant one at that. Jagdish Bhagwati writes for them, yet he is a pro-Peace, pro-Trade democrat. Him being in the CFR is a testament to his intellect and spirit of inquiry - just because the NYtimes endorsed hillary, for example, doesn't mean that the NYT doesn't have conservative Op-Ed columnists - are they not real Republicans then?

    • oh and  

      you find C-spot repulsive and you're not Christian? You're Muslim - big surprise - the Muslim community is even more socially conservative than some orthodox Christian onces.

  18. Slaves  

    Yeah, things will be really great with the NAFTA highway, the Amero, and another step towards a one world government. Barack has nothing to do with that, of course! He's Jesus! He's the savior of our great country! Typical Hitler-esque mindless followings. Zombies who will slobber over a man who commands over the momentum of a mass.

    -A proud American Muslim Republican patriot

    • wow  

      You sound like a total nutter. Supporting free trade is different from supporting a union of Canada, USA and Mexico. If you think either candidate is going to do that, to quote PrezBo, "you are either brazenly provocative or astonishingly uneducated"

  19. BTW  

    By the way, I'm not voting for McCain. ^^^

  20. You are a moron  

    if you think those criticisms don't apply MORE to John McCain. Yes, we understand how Obama has been framed as "the answer" to our country's problems, but your "patriotic" Republican party has done a good job framing Obama as a white-hating, terrorist-loving black radical. This is IN ADDITION to the way Palin has framed democrats as "less American" and explicitly endorsed a version of vitriolic identity politics.

    And this is besides the obvious fact that Obama's policies are more politically progressive than McCain's - I won't take a stance over who I think should be president, but it's a simple and obvious fact that Obama will approach things from a more liberal (and in some cases, actually progressive) stance.

    I can't even imagine wow you would begin defending your assertion that Obama is "Hitler-esque". As long as you call yourself a "Republican" (and not, for example, a libertarian or a member of the America First Party) you are equally, if not more, guilty than Obama's "mindless followings".

  21. Nope  

    I am voting for Barr. I really think libertarians should secede from the Union, the way you bipartisan animals are destroying this country from the inside out.

    Moreover, as a conservative and a Muslim, I in no way consider Barack to be a terrorist supporter or a black threat. I simply value what this country stands for and do not value free trade and or the threats of a New World Order, which Barack I believe is a true puppet in, as well as John McCain.

    I mischaracterized myself as a Republican; rather, I meant that I am a conservative in my American values which are (but not influenced by) in line with my Muslim values, thus contenting me very much. I would never care if Barack turned out to be a Muslim, and in fact offended by accusations of his being an Islamist as though it were a bad thing, but I do not like his involvement with the CFR.

    Moreover, your endless parroting of your hero Bollinger's verbal degradation of Akhmednijad is characteristic of your idiotic slavery to white liberal guilt-drive semantics which portray him as a horrible homophobe and psychopathic antisemite when in fact his beliefs are horribly misaligned by American republicans and democrats alike.

    • yes  

      my "endless parroting" must mean I am a slave to 'white-liberal guilt-driven semantics' because I used an excerpt from a quote he had.

      What a total tool you are. You don't know the first thing about me, and my identity would just tear your argument apart. Just because your intellect is too deficient to see the merits of free trade, or the value of an organization like CFR, does not mean that society is driven by white guilt and conformity to populists. Obama's appeal is his desire to transcend labels, to transcend party politics and ideology, and nobody but you paranoid libertarians are talking about a New World Order that unites North America. Get a reality check and your head out of your ass.

      • Allah  

        Well enjoy your New World then, friend. Keep worshiping a mere man who promises you the world. I cannot take part in a swarm of screaming zealots elevating a sack of flesh to the position of being the be all end all of our great nation. I see too much Red, White and Black with that one.

        • well  

          for all your "conservatism" and desire to transcend labels, you've basically characterized all Obama supporters as people who have blind faith in him with no disposition to reason, as though he were a God. You exclude the possibility that anybody could be genuinely impressed with his intellect, his commitment to community service, his world-view and understanding of the complexities of international relations, or the managerial organization he has demonstrated in taking an underdog campaign against the Hillary + Republican machine. I like Obama because he is extremely intelligent, understanding, articulate and a problem-solver. I acknowledge that he has flip-flopped on some positions, is indeed an ambitious politician, and he does not reflect my views on certain issues. I understand why Conservatives disagree with some of his positions, but to label all his supporters hypocritical people with blind-faith in his personality is as absurd as the Republican campaign calling him an Islamist, socialist or terrorist. I think you need to re-examine yourself before you label others.

    • ...  

      good show, sir! 10/10! i haven't seen trolling of this caliber since the salad days of irc!

  22. babhahahah  

    Successful troll is successful. Fucking douchebags. Fuck Obama though.

  23. A break

    Oh yeah, like democrats aren't ones to label. Give me a fucking break. Look at the treatment of Sarah Palin. She's a bible banging gun toting red neck. That's not labeling! I've long since turned from liberalism as I have become so extremely disenchanted by the hypocrisies spit by white liberals world over.

    Signed a Muslim American conservative.

    • well  

      she's a pentecostal, tried to censor books in a library, is so far pro-life she won't support abortion in the case of rape, believes the Earth was created 5000 years ago, refuses to acknowledge man as the cause of climate change;
      she totes the fuck out of her guns and her moose-hunting experience (this is an image she created for herself, no Democrat engineered it). The Red Neck part is up to you - no one has called her that, but she seems pretty anti-intellectual to me.

      And since you hate labels and stereotyping so much, why sign all your posts the way you currently are?

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