QuickSpec: Barnard’s Day in the Sun Edition

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barnardThe Barnard-Columbia Mystery, solved!

Spar’s presidential legacy, seeing as she has not in fact become president, still TBD

Bet it won’t include tripling the endowment

Barnard women need jobs too! 

In other news!

Books writer comes to terms with her snobbery

Columnist comes to terms with his yuppieness

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  1. Alum

    Spar has, in fact, become Barnard's president. She took office on July 1. The timing of the ceremony does not determine when she became president. The same was true of Lee Bollinger, who took office in the summer of 2002 and whose inauguration was held that fall. In fact, it is standard practice for presidents to take office on July 1 but for their inaugurations to be held during the fall semester.

  2. Alum

    I should add that CU deviated from standard practice somewhat in Bollinger's case. He became president on June 1, not July 1 -- most likely because George Rupp was eager to assume his new post at the International Rescue Committee. Bollinger had been working with Rupp for several months preparing to step in, which probably made it easier for him to start ahead of the usual schedule.

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