HSBC Bank Robbed

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If you bank with the HSBC branch between 102nd and 103rd, and had some late Friday withdrawls to make, Bwog suggests finding another location. Gothamist reports that the branch was robbed about two hours ago

How big of a heist it was, and whether it relates to a robbery an hour earlier at a Chase branch between 72nd and 73rd, is unknown. 

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  1. ATTICA  


  2. militant grammarian

    "How big a heist it was" would do just fine.

  3. columbia

    get an ivy league degree and experience a crime spree!

  4. but for real son  

    what's up with all the bank robberies these days? people goin crazy

  5. that's it!  

    banks are just putting out these "robbery" reports to prove they still have money to be stolen

    • ...  

      you know, i'm really sick and tired of the liberal left wing mainstream media failing to give proper credence to these sorts of reports.

      if it had been a welfare office or one of those places where they hand out big bags of stuff to illegals, it would have been all over the media..

      but noooo, something bad happens to a good ol' downhome neighborhood bank and it's underreporting and skepticism, skepticism, skepticism.

      the bias really makes me sick sometimes.

      • yeah  

        fuck the LIEBERAL media and what they may or may not hypothetically do

      • lol  

        so you think that the robbery of a welfare office getting more attention than this is a sign of the media being liberal and leftwing? Can you not see how one is more interesting and dramatic than the other? Or will you just assume that there's a political agenda behind it.

        It's like when the Republican rabble calls Ivy league education 'liberal' thought. To you, it's liberal. To everyone else, its reality.

        • ...  

          to everyone else who has been indoctrinated by the elitist liberal left wing academic hegemony, perhaps it may appear as reality...

          but consider this... presumably, you're studying a field in the liberal arts. therefore, by definition, you have been indoctrinated by the elitist leftwing marxist socialisemony. how can you possibly determine whether or not Ivy league education is liberal if your entire worldview is shaped by liberal arts?

          • because  

            I major in Math, Economics and Engineering. There is very little Marxist influence in the knowledge that e^(i.pi) + 1 = 0

          • mSEMONy  

            to bring it back to the marxist socialisemony that comprises my batshit-worthless pinko-commie turd-dumpling degree, examine the following:
            "Blessed are the meek,/for they shall inherit the earth"

            Just face it, if the Bible is in the tank, so should you.

  6. observer

    I may be extrapolating too much here, but it seems to me that this neighborhood is beginning to reverse the decreases in crime that have occurred in recent years.

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