BREAKING: Car Crashes Into Indus Valley

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Bwog is receiving reports from Blue and White alumnus James Wiliams that a car crashed into the front of Indus Valley, located on the southeast corner of 100th and Broadway. Police have already begun dismantling the car.

Standby for more pictures and details as they come in.   

UPDATE 3:45 PM: Bwog just returned from the scene of the crash with more pictures but very little info.  The NYPD on site were very unhelpful and didn’t respond to Bwog’s questions but with a brusque “Stay on the sidewalk, dammit.”  More pictures after the jump.

UPDATE 5:56 PM: The local Fox affiliate just reported on the story, saying that 9 people were hurt.

Photo by Anish Bramhandkar


  Photo by James Williams


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  1. wtf  

    i don't see a car crashed into a restaurant, just some firemen enjoying their lunch, jeez

  2. serves  

    them right for such overpriced indian food

  3. wow

    I think you could have taken better pictures had you left the lens cap on. Seriously.

  4. NYPD  

    was unhelpful???

    No fuckin' way!

  5. Indus  

    serves the best Indian food in the area! And I was there last night... scary. And really sad.

  6. 9 people?

    I injured at least 15 the last time I farted.

  7. It is!

    The best Indian food in Manhattan with great service. I hope they aren't closed for this long...

    • what??!?!???!  

      ok, if you think that an indian restaurant on the UWS is the best one in manhattan, i'd like to inform you that manhattan does extend below 96th street. In fact, way farther than 96th street.

      Go try Indian row downtown. It puts this UWS crap to shame.

  8. It is! (part 2)

    You assume that because I like one restaurant on the UWS (and this is one of the few) that I don't go below 96th street? I've been to Indian row before and it comes close to Indus Valley, but doesn't quite reach it. I know Indian people who say this is the best Indian food in the city. I know your kind though: you're one of those who attempts to show how cool you are by how often you make it down to the village or SoHo. Don't worry though! You'll get past this around Junior year. I know it's insane that something good exist near where everyone else can experience it, but it does. In this instance, however, you fail. Take it from a grad student who has been living in this city for a long time (and London, which knows Indian food better than NYC any day)...this is good Indian food.

    P.S. Are you going to trash Land Thai because it is not below Columbus Circle? Per Se? It's getting awfully close to being in the UWS crap zone! oh no!

  9. actually  

    the best Indian is on fifth and 80th.

  10. noooo  

    i heart indus valley. now where will I go for my tasty indian food?

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