Apples and Oranges, and Reds

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Local market Appletree has become quite the fancy establishment as of late! There’s a new, overpriced salad bar, and they’ve stopped renting VHS tapes. Plus, here’s this latest element of the Great Appletree Makeover: the store has a brand new facade, which is a rather becoming shade of royal red.


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  1. As long as  

    they still don't card.

  2. get with

    the times, bwog.
    theyve had salads since the summer, and theyre cheaper than subsconscious.
    and the new facade has been up for over a week.

  3. 20 bucks'll get you

    7 of their old VHS tapes, in convenient packages.

    If only anyone had VCRs anymore.

  4. do they still rent

    DVDs in delightfully unalphabetized order?

  5. wow  

    i find it hilarious that bwog is covering appletree's new facade instead of the queer underwear party that happened on saturday night in lerner party space. where are your priorities, bwog?

  6. yo...  

    i'm straight and i wear underwear like everyday. no one gives a damn about me. i'm wearing boxers right now. i'll take off my jeans if you want to see.

  7. Riven  

    the change was done like a week ago... way to be on the ball bwog

  8. ugh  

    appletree is the worst.

  9. word  

    Market is located at 120th and Amsterdam, caddy corner from Mudd.

    Sandwiches are still a little bit cheaper than Subsconscious or Hamdel. Plus they have all kinds of groceries!

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