Rainy Day Photo Album

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Good afternoon! My, it is raining quite consistently today. So, we’re inviting all amateur photographers, no matter just how amateur, to take some photos of the weather and its effects. Send us pictures of puddles, colorful umbrellas, children in galoshes (especially children in galoshes), etc. and we’ll add them to this post. 


Hawk photos by Ruqayyah Abdul-Karim

More photos, including another of Hawkmadinejad weathering the storm, after the jump.




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  1. and!  

    according to weather.com, there is a small chance of SNOW tonight!!!

  2. omg

    hawkmadinejad is so cute

  3. wow  

    Hawkma looks like he is preparing for battle and commanding his legions in those pictures. What a baller.

  4. hmmm

    speaking of hawkmadinejad, what ever happened to that prom photo contest? i'm guessing no one submitted anything, or if someone did it was so bad that bwog didn't want to post it lest the underwhelming response to the contest become apparent. told you it was a dumb idea to do this during midterms...

  5. holy cow  

    i heart hawkmadinejad. he's pretty badass.

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