Professor Remarks: Election Edition

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Many of your professors will be ending class today with encouragements to get out and vote. Some of these encouragements will be partisan, others will be funny, and maybe a few will even inspire you to vote if you were planning on not doing so.

Bwog will be compiling an collection of such remarks right here in our Professor Remarks: Election Edition Anthology. Send quotes to [email protected] or just use the comment thread. 

Herbert Sloan in American Civilization to the Civil War: “I hope you all work for the candidate of your choice on Monday.  That would at least make this ridiculous holiday that the University gave us slightly worth it.  This interruption of our semester is almost as ridiculous as the idea of 18 year olds voting.”

Karl Kroeber, in Religion, Literature, and Modernity: “Vote many times, and for the right guy.”

Philip Kitcher, in James Joyce: “If you don’t vote, you’re letting old people decide everything.”

Jill Shapiro in Race: Tangled History of a Biological Concept: “As they say in Chicago vote early and vote often.”

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  1. Damnit!

    I knew I should have enrolled in Kitcher's class. Anyone know if he's teaching the Joyce class next term? Or next Fall, even?

  2. Intermediate French

    Samuel Skippon: As they say, vote early, and vote often. (?)

  3. American Civ

    Some things never change. I took American Civ in 2004. Glad to see Herb Sloan is still an ass.

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