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Voters around the country will be casting the final ballots over the next few hours, which means national news media will begin broadcasting the results of their exit polls.

In past cycles, the poll data leaked before any actual voting had finished, so this year marks the first presidential election that those news agencies are putting a strict quarantine on that exit poll data.

Bwog, however, is going to break the embargo by asking you, loyal readers, to leave a comment saying whom you voted for and where you cast your ballots. Our exit poll may not be as scientific as the high-falutin’ Edison Media Research data, but you won’t have to wait several hours for it, either.

So, whom did you pick for president?

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  1. Massachusetts

    Barack Obama!
    Also, de-criminalizing marijuana (go Massachusetts!)

  2. Illinois  

    Barack Obama
    (Sorry, Barr, but you're not the best way to beat McCain...)

  3. Washington State  

    Obama. Indeed.

  4. Washington D.C.  


    (but fuck the word "WHOM")

  5. NYC

    Obama, but I did it through the working families party.

  6. New Jersey  

    Ron Paul

    why not?

  7. Illinois  

    Obama...though I voted straight green for the county Water Reclamation Board!

  8. New York  

    John McCain :)

  9. Anonymous  

    Dewey over Truman.

  10. East Campus Highrise  

    I cast my vote here in the Capital of Real America for B. Hussein Obama. Ululululu!!!

  11. bci  

    OBAMA/BIDEN, baby ;)

  12. ttan

    In China, all candidates have to be vetted and "nominated" by a self-appointed vetting committee. Usually, only one candidate is nominated. Voting is done by a self-appointed electoral college -- and since there's only one candidate, it's pretty pointless. Only in rural villages, where there aren't enough bureaucrats to form either a self-appointed nominating committee or a self-appointed electoral college, are real elections held, but only at the lowest level, and usually only one person runs.

    You *$&#$#&$@# have no idea how lucky you are.

  13. American  



    I dont speak communist.

  14. 410 Riverside Drive  

    Obama (Working Families party)

  15. Brooklyn

    Dems across the Ballot!

  16. 123MorningsideDrive


  17. wien  


    for the record, I'm calling it in his favor. everyone take note.

  18. Virginia

    McCain for President
    Warner for Senate
    Fimian for House

  19. aroydee  

    456 Riverside and Obama on the same party row as #410! ... and by the way, bwog, some of us here are colorblind and the "human verification test" sucks for us!

  20. River  

    Obama! (through the Democrats, not Working Families party)

  21. YES!  

    I agree on the colorblind difficulties of human verification test!!!! before it was worse, and then it got better, and now it's hard again. Stick with red blue and yellow. more than that and it gets real hard.

  22. PA#10  

    Dem Straight Ticket

  23. downtownyc  

    took the baracketship to the obamarama

  24. 410 Riverside Dr

    Obama and Rangel (WFP).

  25. The King of Spain

    I am generally opposed to the notion of voting.

  26. jersey  

    Obama/Biden FTW!

  27. PA Absentee Ballot  

    Dems straight ticket

  28. Ohio Absentee  

    Obama, woohoo!

  29. JERSEY  


  30. new york city  

    bob barr all the way.

  31. SF, CA  

    No on 8
    Yes to high speed rail
    Yes to renaming the south east sewage treatment plant after our current president

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