Morningside’s Paper Shortage

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Bwog Presidential Archivist Mariela Quintana reports that all kiosks surrounding campus are completely sold out of today’s copy of the New York Times. Gawker is also reporting the same problem in the West Village, where there is nary a copy to be found.  The Times has also picked up on their own paper shortage, reporting that they sold out three editions even after planning for a larger circulation today.  Note that the owners of the newsstands on 115th and 116th Streets were interviewed.

Been able to locate a copy of the paper? Let us know your secret location ([email protected]) — a readership suddenly so interested in deadtree journalism again will thank you.

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  1. oh no!  

    is the news no longer fit to print?

  2. Silly Rabbit  

    The bigger question is why you would want to pay to read the EXACT same news that's been on broadcast around the globe for the past 15 hours and is free in the spectator. "Obama won headlines" God that's lazy. At least mix it up with a "Thank god; no Palin" one.

    • i want it  

      because it commemorates this incredibly momentous day in our history in a way that the internet & the spectator simply can't begin to do ... I have worked very very hard for Barack's campaign and I want a momento to cut out and frame on my wall

    • yo  

      Are you the same commenter who was depressed about the lights on college walk? Lighten up buddy! It's ok to be happy about stuff.

  3. Silly Rabbit  


    I really don't get how people think that this administration is gonna turn water into wine all over.

    YES it is the right choice, yes it does say a lot that we can have a black president now, and yes I'm happy. But you have people walking around celebrating like the Red Sox had just won the series.

    It's not going to change the face of politics. He'll get the same criticism (hopefully), scrutiny, and broken promises as any past elected official. That's just fact.

    He will be a good president I feel, but really lighten up folks....It's still politics.

  4. Ezra Koenig

    Keep this on the down low, but the boys and I are putting on a special post-election show tonight at 8pm at ADP. We're back just for today, then it's out to France late tonight. We'll be trying out some new material, and would love to have you guys there. No opening act, and it's free (as far as we know). See you at 8!

  5. FYI

    New York Times is going to reprint 50,000 more copies of today's newspaper.


  6. hooray

    haha 50,000.... didn't 55 million people vote for Obama? And I'm sure some from the other side might want a copy as well. Basically, we're fucked.

  7. CC '09  

    we should get obama as class day speaker haha

  8. yeah  

    i got mine in lerner at 7 am... i'll sell it for 50 bucks or some oriental body work know what im saying??

  9. cc'10  

    picked up my copy in john jay at 7:30 this morning...ha!

  10. frida

    got 2; one stolen at a shoe repair place at 5pm (got my boots fixed there), the other one offered by a nice lady at the New York Times office at 6pm

    yes I am blessed

  11. Obviously  

    You aren't from New York, because when the Red Sox won the world Series New Yorkers weren't celebrating... except some dirty Mets Fans.

  12. damn  

    still didn't get one

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