1. ...

    i think they did that for safety...

    i was walking by it i remember last year and a MASSIVE branch from the tree on top of it had fallen right on top of the bench... don't think anybody was sitting there at the time but it definitely seemed like a serious liability...

    that bench on the west side of low they are making looks pretty nice though...

  2. wait  

    aren't they just moving it over next to low?

  3. wise  

    Yeah. I think they are moving it. The roots under that tree were cracking the bench anyway. Good, nothing deserves to stare at Mathematics forever.

  4. while I was  

    partying? Yeah more like studying for two exams that jackass professors made for the day after the election. Lame!

  5. The King of Spain

    That was an expertly carved bench. I hope they keep it somewhere.

  6. why did

    the bench outside Mathematics disappear?

    It got integrated into another part of campus.

  7. why  

    is an alum still posting and trying to be witty

  8. aww

    I remember making out with someone on that bench

  9. third alum

    above comments and snark remind me of all i loved about my time at columbia

  10. math major  

    i'm going to miss that bench.

  11. nooo  

    but this was my smoking before class bench!

  12. I guess  

    the donor stopped giving cash?

  13. not an alum

    There's something about the math building. It's just magical.

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