First Signs of ROTC Debate Appear

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With the ROTC survey coming later this month (the councils have postponed the date again, this time to the week of November 24th) Bwog spotted posters from the anti-ROTC coalition (so far including the Dems, Lucha, CQA, EAAH, and Proud Colors). Bwog has been told that speakers and events will follow. A pro-ROTC coalition of individuals is also forming, and is planning its own postering and event campaign. Bwog will have more details tomorrow. 

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  1. Concerned  

    While Don't Ask Don't Tell is discriminatory, isn't there a larger problem here? Recruiting people for mindless killing IS STILL recruiting people for mindless killing, whether they are gay or straight.

    • wrong  

      That is a function of foreign policy, ie, who you elect to government, not the military. The military does what it's told. There are plenty of countries that require mandatory military service and are not aggressive, eg: switzerland

  2. [email protected]#1  

    It's like every college activist cliche wrapped into one post. Ugh. Please come to the debate with more intelligent comments.

  3. wait...  

    i don't get why people are so pissed about NROTC. I mean, if you don't want to join...then don't.

    As a homosexual, I'm offended by the "dont ask dont tell" policy. that's why I won't join the military. we don't ban the catholics from campus, do we? they have the same policy....

  4. no to nrotc  

    Columbia = academic research university. There is simply no room for the military in the equation.

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