QuickSpec: Weird Edition

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Administrators will actually use the sixth floor of Lerner?

Salman Rushdie draws a crowd?

A student defends Frontiers of Science? Hmm, wasn’t this already done?

Wait, Obama’a election didn’t magically erase language gaps?

So the near-theft at Potluck House was the residents’ fault?



  1. oh adil  

    good luck and godspeed trying to get that space for student lounges...

    • seriously

      This story is hilarious. My analogy of Columbia to a Feudal kingdom seems spot-on.

      "On a campus in need of square footage, possession of Lerner’s empty sixth floor has been stuck in a political stalemate for years. Responsibility has ricocheted among several administrative offices, including the central administration, Student and Administrative Services, and the Division of Student Affairs, which is currently housed in Lerner."

  2. pluck house folk  

    spec got that pretty wrong. they make it sound like potluckers idiotically opened the door for a random person who proceeded to take our stuff. actually the guy snuck up behind a potlucker who was coming in, waited with his hand in the door, and then entered. And it took house people all of two moments to realize something was up. That sounds like 'playing it safe." Hence the "near" part of "near-theft"

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