1. Anonymous  

    they also gave me a beach ball!

  2. speedo  

    props to him for waring one but he has a muffintop going on

    • Jenna Maroney  

      Everyone knows the most delicious part of the muffin is the top...
      My muffin top is all that
      Whole grain, low fat
      I know you want a piece of that
      But I just wanna dance
      You're checkin' out my sweet hips
      My sugar coated berry lips
      I know you wanna get with this
      But I'm just here to dance
      So back up off of me
      You're we-eee-eee-eirding me out
      I'm an independent lady
      So do not try to play me
      I run a tidy bakery
      The boys all want my cake for free.

  3. sexybeast  

    duude security is important, but part of the charm of the brownstones is the fact that there aren't security guards and there aren't cameras everywhere. i live in a high rise and i can't tell you how irritating it is to give your card to the same attendant as many as 4 times a day: it just serves to make this place more impersonal.

  4. good  

    I am pleased to see that Barack Obama's face has left the banner at the top of the page.

  5. anon  

    the guy in the speedo had a boner, i don't understand why he didnt just put on his pants, everyone could see it

  6. PLEASE!  

    This is a blatant violation of Freedom of Speech, and a clear indication of the classic liberals' one sided recognition if it. Why are you deleting the KNOWN FACT that Rahm Emanuel is the SON of a Zionist terrorist and militant radical? Please answer the question as to why this is being deleted.

    • James  

      You called his father a "child-killer" and accused Rahm Emanuel of working for Israel. Neither of these charges are true. Furthermore, your comment was off-topic, and did not contribute to the discussion of the post.

    • You FUCKING moron  

      A) Freedom of speech does not apply to private organizations aka Bwog
      B) Stop being an annoying fucker and commenting on something clearly unrelated to this Bwog post just to be a jackass
      C) Who cares who his father was? Are you going to try the daughter of Bush for war crimes? Are you going to assume the children of Cynthia Mckinney are retarded?

    • non-Obamamaniac

      What is your suggestion here? That Obama's appointment of Rahm Emanuel-- who I incidentally don't like at all, but for different reasons-- constitutes confirmation of an affinity for "militants," of the sort that was alleged by those who criticized him for ties to Bill Ayers, Bernie Dorn, and Rashid Khalidi? Do you have any conception of how bizarre that stream of thought is? The response by #10 was pretty apt, but I'm just curious, what planet are you living on?

  7. James  

    I'm sooooooooo sorry that I offended your brainwashed slavery to The One. There's a war coming asshole, and I can't wait to catch you Brown Shirts in my sights.

  8. back to the topic  

    there was a really really tall guy there today wearing these cute greenish swimshorts. who can identify this eye candy?

  9. but the kites!  

    how was the kite flying???

  10. ...


    Clearly the commenter whose post you deleted is slightly deranged and in need of prozac...

    That said, there is a lot of ridiculous stuff posted on these thread and I've certainly seen my fair share of boarderline racist and Islamophobic comments over the last 3 years.

    Moreover, if one is to believe your reasons for deleting, your main criteria for deleting that post is that certain claims are false but, again, I've seen a lot of false and mean stuff on your comment threads. And not to mention a lot of completely comments unrelated to the original post.

    I can see where you are coming from in deleting it but I'm a little susbpicious in how even-handedly you treat comments.

    P.S. Also, I'm a little worried about that commentor... maybe it would have been better for you to let him blow off some of his steam.

  11. super tipper  

    cayle ryan pietras = gay

  12. D T S  

    I do find it contradictory that Rahm Emanuel was working for Clinton and now is appointed by someone dedicated to change with a capital C. That being said. What's this post about anyway? Beach-Balls. Exposure. Musical Theater.

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