For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll: Farah Griffin

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Trawling the weddings section of The New York Times, Bwog found out that Columbia’s very own Farah Griffin was married last Saturday.  She teaches English, comparative literature, and African-American studies.  She also directs the Institute for Research in African American Studies here and has written several books about jazz musicians.

The lucky man is Prof. Obery M. Hendricks Jr., who teaches “biblical interpretation” at the New York Theological Seminary (“in New York,” the Times notes).

Congratulations from Bwog!

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  1. seriously...  

    "She teachers English"??

  2. a link please  

    to the NY Times wedding announcement! k thnx bwog

  3. Dominique  

    Couldn't be happier for her!! One of THE most stellar professors at CU. That picture made my night.

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