1. OMG  

    this picture is crazy

  2. Rob Stenson  

    is the man.

  3. wow  

    i feel so much safer and more protected

  4. impressed  

    Amazing photo!

  5. ...


  6. aaaaaaaaand  

    ROB STENSON does it again!

  7. omg  

    i just can'

  8. who's

    the dude on the left?

  9. Silly Rabbit  

    A few photoshop touches and that's a pamphlet cover right there.

  10. wow  

    seriously, you should go through the 2 second procedure to email that to columbia for consideration for the homepage. that picture is boss.

  11. One more reason  

    To live in the Ancient/Medieval Studies room.

  12. Art House Friend!

    Amazing Pic Rob! I definitely agree...have this put on the Columbia Website :D

  13. strate-gery  

    Hawkmadinejad eyes the blood bus for his next attack.

  14. yojimbot

    Just found this blog, and wanted to add some info. I've been following Hawkmedinajad for 2 seasons now and wanted to let you know that from the pix on this site, you actually are being visited by at least 2 hawks on a daily basis. I know this b/c Hawkmadinejad is still a juvenile which means he still has his striped tail feathers although his adult ones are molting. the other redtailed hawks are adults, the one with the light eyes we call Norman, and they have a nest on the cathedral of st. john the divine. for more pix and info check my blog

    Regards hawk lovers!

  15. hold the phone-  

    Hawkmedinajad and.... Norman? In a nest together? I can't decide if this is heresy or hilarity.

  16. yojimbot

    Stormin' Norman didnt come on the scene till this year when the previous male hawk, Tristan, died. It is most likely that Tristan is Hawkmedinijad's dad.

  17. jack reylan

    Columbia Civil Engineering is controlled by the mafia, which is why all the famous professors whose surnames started with S up and left.

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