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More news from the desk of Barnard Public Safety, as residents of BC dorms just received an email announcing that Public Safety officers will be doing routine rounds throughout residence halls a few times a day. Officers will also be making sure that everyone who’s in the building is supposed to be there, and so it’s now “important that all residential students serve as an escort whenever you have a guest in the building.”

Bwog just got off the phone with Public Safety, who said that the change isn’t a repsonse to any specific incident, and that Columbia “pretty much does the same thing already.” 

Full email after the jump.

Residential Life & Housing would like to inform all residence hall students

that beginning tonight, uniformed Public Safety Officers will begin doing

rounds on individual floors of our residence halls a few times each day.  We

welcome the Public Safety staff into our residential community and hope that

you will feel comfortable to introduce yourself to the Officers if you see

them on your floor.

Should you need to call Public Safety for assistance, one of the Officers

will then be dispatched to you, and they will also keep Residential Life

staff informed of any problems or concerns they encounter.  It is important

that all residential students serve as an escort whenever you have a guest

in the building.  If Public Safety Officers come upon someone who may not be

a student, they will ask clarify who the individual is and where they


All members of our community are responsible for helping to maintain safety

at all times.  We encourage you to contact Public Safety if you need

assistance, notice anything in the residence halls that is not as it should

be, or if you encounter a situation of concern to you.  Residential Life

staff are also available to assist, and welcome your calls.


Residential Life & Housing

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  1. I have  

    never seen a CPS officer in a residence hall above the ground floor

  2. wow  

    This is totally idiotic. As usual, Public Safety has it wrong. It's not students that need to be monitored and scrutinized, it's the fucking thugs on the streets. Idiots. What are these people going to do besides break parties up and make life less fun?

  3. concerned cc student  

    agreed. this is absolutely ridiculous. contrary to whatever public safety may believe, this kind of behavior perpetuates an atmosphere of fear and mistrust. i personally did not come to college to experience a police state.

    this needs to stop.

  4. ???  

    this is bizarre. did some specific problem bring this about or is it just out of the blue?

  5. Equally Confused  

    Just exactly what characterizes someone who "looks like they don't belong" in our dorms? Also, presuming these people are identifiable inside the dorms, how did they get past the door in the first place?

    I guess the policy for guests make sense but why does it have to be such a tedious ordeal to get a guest pass in the first place? You can either sign someone in and out each and every time or get a guest pass which each security officer treats differently and ends up being just as impractical as the other system.

  6. Equally Confused  

    oh yeah...and still nothing via email from Public Safety. I'm glad we have you Bwog: to protect and to serve.

  7. oh yeah  

    McNulty can move into my room anytime...

  8. C. Maxwell

    Will protect all.

  9. i think  

    some of you are confused. this is at barnard, not columbia, explaining why you have not received an email...

  10. Equally Confused  

    My bad, I was confused. I should have mentioned I meant there was no email about the stabbing (different article) or for that matter the attempted robbery until 3 days after it occured.

  11. Carman  

    I just saw public safety on my floor in Carman last night. The public safety officer came in and started talking to my RA.

    I hope this isn't going to start a trend of public safety patrolling our dorms too. It's bad enough that they are doing it at Barnard.

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