ESC, etc.: BBQs Are Back, And Other News About Your Housing and Exams

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Fu Foundation Bureau Chief Sean Zimmermann attended last night’s ESC meeting. Resolutions about exams were passed, gender-blind housing might be on the way, and everyone agreed to learn about the importance of BBQ safety.

“I danced DDR like I was in a lactation lounge,” said one ESC class council member. To which his female colleague asked, “What were you doing in a lactation room? Lactating?”

Such were some of the many strange things said at last night’s ESC meeting. ESC Secretary Whitney Green challenged council members tonight by asking them to include a given random word or expression in their briefing. Bwog watched as council members struggled to incorporate “vegan cupcakes”, “sauerkraut”, and “blue, aba dee aba die” into their normal council reports. Bwog felt especially bad for the CCSC liaison who was given “tintinnabulation.”

In terms of substance, ESC passed the “Every Other Seat” proposal which addresses student complaints that during engineering exams students do not have sufficient space to work comfortably (“because when Heather takes a test it gives her the heebie jeebies that there are people to the right and left of her”). The proposal calls for the school to guarantee, upon professor request, that students have one seat between them and neighboring test-takers.

GSSC liaison reported that Barnard was seeking “gender-blind” housing (boys live in the same rooms as girls), because of the “changing gender landscape in America.” The liaison said she was told by the Barnard liaison to GSSC that the move was supported by the Barnard trustees, but did not have any more information.

The council said it would begin to provide programming for the new monitors near the Lerner main lounge soon. Bwog was thrilled to hear the 2009 class president say that their allocated programming will mostly consist of XKCD slides.

Finally, after having their BBQing privileges revoked, the council has once again been given permission to hold BBQs, with the caveat that council members must attend a BBQ-fire-training-safety-course. Might Bwog recommend whatever thorough-looking things Barnard did on Fire Safety Day?



  1. Has  

    Anyone picked up a dorm key? If so, PLEASE return it to Hartley ASAP.

  2. wait  

    Hang on. So what this means is no student group can hold barbecues? THOSE MOTHERFUCKERS. FUCK FACILITIES. ARGH THEY MAKE ME SO FUCKING ANGRY.

  3. okay question  

    Why do Barnard girls go to an all-girls school if they want housing with guys?

  4. ccsc  

    BWOG, what happened to CCSC meeting updates?

    • well...  

      BWOG kept falling asleep during CCSC meetings. ESC gets shit done; see last year when they told the hunger strikers to grow the fuck up while CCSC straddled the fence and ended up with a fencepost up their collective asses (no word on whether they enjoyed it).

  5. Haha

    Gender blind housing? Are you serious? I did this with a good friend of mine Junior year (by some intricate deals with friends) but only because we were good friends and could score a large double. Are they suggesting gender blind rooms without the ability to opt out of it? Seems like that is forcing others to conform to your view point just because you view it as progressive...

  6. well

    I think opt in gender-blind housing would be the way to go. Sophomore year I went into the lottery with my female friend hoping for the best. Luckily we were able to score Furnald singles next to each other, but had it worked out otherwise, we would have had to choose blind doubles because we weren't allowed to room together. I think that's total bullshit.

    Also, Whitney rocks.

  7. so...  

    would gender-blind housing apply to all years and from precisely where are these boys being harvested?
    i'm weirded out by the idea of ROOMING with a guy.
    let's imagine the awkwardness of changing for a moment. i mean really.

  8. Changing...  

    Not actually that awkward. Look, the human body is a natural thing. Seriously, it's not like nobody has ever seen naked people before.

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