Meet CU Basketball’s New Star

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The New York Times
ran a lovely piece today on Judie Lomax, a recent transfer from Oregon State and a new member to the women’s basketball team. At Oregon State, “she averaged 10.9 points and 7.7 rebounds a game and led the Pac-10 by hitting 64.5 percent of her shots,” which athletically inclined friends of Bwog tell us is quite impressive.

Anyway, Lomax missed her family (she’s from DC) and wanted a CU degree to fall back on (eventually, she’d like to be a child psychologist), so now she’s here. Welcome Judie! 

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  1. Basketball Fan  

    Yay. Go basketball!

  2. EAL  

    Agreed. Basketball (both men's and women's) is one of the few sports to really get excited about here. Our Ivy League Champion baseball team is another. But basketball is playing right on campus, rather than 100 blocks uptown.

  3. but  

    that article is nice and all... but she says the reason she transferred was to get an ivy league education. too bad she goes to barnard.

  4. my argument

    is that if you play on an ivy league team, you have an ivy league education.

  5. listen up ladies

    here's the new game plan. when you get the ball, pass it to judie, and she will take it from there.

  6. by the way  

    what happened to midnight mayhem? did i totally miss out on something?

  7. ...

    when the hell is midnight mania? it's the only good thing athletics does all year.

  8. Recommended

    Basketball games are on campus and don't take up an entire night. You'd be amazed at how much longer televised games are because of, well, television.

    That and basketball is a hell of a fun sport to watch in my opinion.

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