QuickSpec: Thank You for Your Service Edition

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A state plan to revitalize the lifeblood of Harlem.

An Abyssinian white tie extravaganza celebrates Rev. Butts’ service.  The Clintons have always been known to throw a good party.

TFA and the economy make altruism sexy again.

Seniors will have none of the economy’s doom and gloom when tackling the job market this year.

BaseNow and Barnard, a partnership by (and for) design.


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  1. PLEASE  

    Why was that deleted? Please explain. The above topic spoke about politics. Am I not allowed to insult your Dear Leader?

    People, this is exactly how fascism gets started. The Dear Leader's supporters are so frenetic in their support that they squelch any oppositional thought, rather than realizing where they are going.

    Please explain why the above comment was deleted, bwog.

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