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Yesterday, we reported that at the ESC meeting, the GSSC liason said that Barnard was “seeking gender-blind housing.” According to SGA President Sarah Besnoff, Barnard is not actively seeking anything. 

“SGA Rep Council as a whole has not formally passed any resolution about the topic, nor have we discussed the logistics.  However, SGA Rep Council completely supports the efforts of our Diversity Committee to pursue what a policy change would look like.  SGA Rep Council will probably be voting on this issue formally in the Spring,” she said.

So now you know!

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  1. Ruh roh...

    Just a little odd...

  2. ...  

    all this policy hubub for what, 3 or 4 people?

    maybe a policy of placement on a case-by-case basis would be a better use of bureaucracy

  3. seriously  

    I sometimes think Barnard forgets that they are a girls' school. If they want to respond to the "changing gender landscape in America" maybe they should start by admitting men.

  4. what?

    Barnard housing and columbia housing are not tied closely at all. And in this topic the actual use of it would be totally different. Barnard would see students with different gender identifications, probably 3-5 in a given year living with girls in their school. Columbia would see dozens of girlfriend/boyfriend pairs and groups of friends living together. Even if Barnard passes this in the future, don't think for a moment that it would do anything to influence Columbia because the realities of the polices are different for the schools.

  5. locke  

    if they wanted gender blind housing maybe they should've applied to a coed school. the fact that i'm asked on a regular basis if i'm barnard or columbia" designates that they're already too integrated as is. frankly, they should have to petition to take our classes. i can't take classes at seas, so why should they be allowed to take classes in the college?

  6. confused

    Why is the GSSC rep involved in this? GS isn't eligible for Columbia housing.

  7. i love elitism

    because you can take classes at Barnard.

    also, yes, let's segregate Barnard. that's a relevant and plausible solution.

    • but  

      We got into Columbia, we're going to Columbia, and we therefore want to take classes at Columbia. Segregating Barnard would be the perfect solution, because they're not the same school to begin with! Maybe if Barnard girls wanted to take classes at Columbia, they should've applied and got in here.

      • CC'09  

        Segregation would be a disastrous solution. Barnard is a very active participant in student groups and groups are allowed to book space on Barnard's campus, which is very useful given the space crunch.

        Why would you want LESS access to/exchange between another community of students? Isn't a collegiate atmosphere something desirable? There are a number of interesting classes Barnard offers;they contribute to our Athletics teams (which would be even shittier without them), and frankly, their administration and approach to students puts ours to shame and is something we ought to use more effectively to leverage for change at Columbia.

        As for them getting a "Columbia degree", I can see why that's irritating, but there is an issue of non-rivarly here: her getting a Columbia degree doesn't really cheapen your Columbia degree (Martha Stewart being the exception). Most of us have friends at Barnard and some of us date people at Barnard, so having less access to them is just inconvenient.

  8. honestly

    people need to stop arguing about Barnard.
    your bitching on Bwog isn't going to change anything.
    so just shut up because no one wants to hear the whining from either side of the street.

    and if you hate barnard so much, then stop going to hewitt because john jay sucks.

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