Columbia Conquers Brown’s Campus, Destroys All Students

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For the last two months, some of your classmates have been taking part in the second incarnation of GoCrossCampus (think Risk + social networking + the 8 Ivies). Despite having far fewer players than most of the other schools, Columbia just defeated Brown at their campus, and is only one of three schools remaining. For those of you with burning hatreds of Penn or Princeton, or who just always wanted to march through Connecticut, this year’s version of the game will run until Monday.

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  1. JOIN!!!  



  2. Anonymous

    Yes, join. More importantly, though, join at the beginning of next year's game!

  3. Holycrap

    This game is addictive!

  4. Let it be known:

    Model UN is on its way to Penn tonight to kick asses at their UN tourney. risk kids, let's make it a double victory for Columbia this weekend

  5. ...  

    This would have been useful 60 turns ago. You know, us having the lowest turnout rate and all.

  6. ...  

    can brown actually lose? or do they just get to sit down over milk and cookies to discuss how they can improve.

  7. Nice  

    Now we have a great source of weed. Yay for the neo-cons.

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