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ferrisGot a class that’s freaking you out? It’s not too late to take it pass/fail! Today is the last day to do so for BC, CC and SEAS, but you’d better get yourself to the registrar in 205 Kent to make your plea before the clock runs out. 

And no, you can’t pass/fail Lit Hum. Or any other Core class, freshmen.

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  1. hmmm  

    could i pass/fail my thesis?

  2. i LOVE  

    p/d/f. best thing the councils ever did

  3. seas 2011  

    can seas pass fail? accounting and finance maybe?

  4. At the moment  

    ESC has to step it up because we don't have the same abilities as CC. Yet another reason why our mean GPA is significantly lower (An no, English majors, mean does not mean angry. Mean is another term for average)

  5. bc can't  

    pass fail in kent.

    but we can do it online! oneupd.

  6. SEAS

    indeed cannot pass/fail SEAS classes. Isn't the drop date for SEAS-ians today though?

  7. Mmmm..  

    ..I'd like some cream IN my pie...

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