1. omg!  

    he is so cute! I saw him today, too, flying around the courtyard near JJ, hartley/wallach.

  2. omg! 2

    how does he always manage to land in the most elegant and photogenic of places, so that he looks all the more distinguished perched there, stiff of neck and high of chin?

    it's almost as though he KNOWS...

  3. Adam Nobler  

    It's amazing what a little super glue can do.

  4. daaaaamn  

    he is looking fine

  5. awwww  

    what a cutie!!!!!

  6. emi  

    I never actually spot H-dad of my own devices. It is usually the case that I see a group of some sort crowded beneath a tree, staring upwards in a mix of wonderment and disgust as he goes nuts on the carcass of some small woodland creature.

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