QuickSpec: Honor Edition

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Dean Quigley honored at dinner overseen by blue whale.

Richard Bulliet now an honored guest of the Iranian ambassador to the U.N.

Speaking of guests, yet another honored guest at Columbia.

“Your honor, no one may believe this theory of voter fraud, but I intend to disprove it anyways.”

Could ROTC honor Columbia? One professor says yes.



  1. honor

    That stupid Bulliet, whom you all love so much, can be truly proud now.

  2. concerned student  

    you do realized it is a federal offense to imitate or falsely claim the medal of honor picture here, punishable by $100,000 and up to 1 year in prison and has been enforced multiple times recently. Not that using a picture here is a problem, but the medal of honor, and its implications are taken very seriously

  3. Seeing

    the pics of the MOH's up there brings to mind a potential solution to the ROTC problem. The MOH on the far right is the medal for the Air Farce which has long upheld the policy of Don't Spit Just Swallow. I'm sure that the Queer Alliance would be taken under the Eagle's wing, however the AF's new motto "Above All" implies a "tops only" organization which might be a turn off for some. But for the reluctant gay-cum-airman Columbian remembering the previous motto "Aim High" should be an inspiration to the facial-friendly crowd. Good Luck and Go Air Farce.

  4. Besides

    none of the pussies listed above that are being honored even deserve to have their names listed next to a photo of the MOH.

    • ...

      #3/4, macho nimwitted fucks like you make it difficult for me to respect the military

      why don't you stop talking shit and enlist so you can get your own MOH

      • disgusting  

        It really is sad to see the medal of honor displayed in such a trivial fashion. Why don't you look up a real hero such as Navy SEAL Lt. Michael Murphy. Spoiled arrogant brats like you probably think that ayer's actions require just as much sacrifice as Lt. Murphy's. You are the problem with our society.
        Before you start wailing know that I will be enlisting with a SEAL contract in 2010.

  5. lest we forget  

    the one hundred confirmed kills quigley racked up as a sniper in nam

  6. glad  

    to see all the freaks are alive and well at school

  7. Medal of Honor

    On a VIP escort detail while I was a soldier, COL Lew Millett let me hold the actual MoH he earned for his actions during the Korean War.

    It was pretty darn amazing.

  8. Lieutenant

    Its a friggin picture. Like most I have a great deal of respect for the MOH and those who earned it. But give me a break. These people are no more the problem with our society than you are. They're college students. And if you want them to respect you, you might want to treat them with a little bit of respect as well.

    Good luck at BUDS. Let me know if you want any tips on getting through it.

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