Football Beats Cornell!

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At Wien Stadium, the football team just wrapped up its second victory of the season, defeating Cornell 17-7. Quarterback Millicent Olawale (playing the entire game) rushed for 93 yards, the Columbia passing defense intercepted Cornell quarterback Nathan Ford 4 times, and Austin Knowlin sealed the game in the 4th quarter with a 76-yard punt return touchdown. Photographer Huei Ong passes along a picture of the final scoreboard.

The result continues a great weekend for Columbia sports, following last night’s basketball victory over Fordham and men’s and women’s swimming victories over Penn and Yale.

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  1. Nice  

    Was a great game - we worked Cornell. Would have been 24-7 if not for a bullshit call by the ref.

  2. GO TEAM!

    considering how infrequent a lions football win is, couldn't bwog be a little bit more excited?

  3. what's  

    the football team's record?

  4. EAL  

    Roar Lion Roar!

    Let's deny Brown an Ivy title next weekend!

  5. YaY!  

    Go Milli and AK!!!
    You guys rock!

  6. random alum  

    Columbia still has a football team...?

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