Free Drinks and Luxurious Transport

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A newish bar on the Upper West Side (alas, two blocks short of being in Morningside) has a novel concept, reports The Feedbag.

Show a receipt for your cab ride there and they’ll pay for your ride– in the form of a bar tab!  Now, finally there’s a reason to take a cab home after a long night downtown:  Even more free drinks.  Bwog can’t imagine that this promo is permanent, so better take advantage of it while it lasts.

The Village Pourhouse is on Amsterdam between 108th and 109th.  The Village location is at 3rd Avenue and 11th Street.

Bwog’s previous review of the Pourhouse has much more information, lest we repeat ourselves.

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  1. looks like  

    they're not cashing in on columbia students as much as they hoped, so now they're marketing outside the area.

  2. pourhouse fan?  

    um ... can someone elaborate on this? slash confirm? i think this post is rather cryptic.

  3. link explains it..  

    seems like a fantastic deal. What is their policy on good fake id's? I think I recall hearing that real id's were turned away.

  4. hmm

    Hold on. I travel from Brooklyn, paying like $25 in cab fare, and I get $25 in free drinks? Really?

  5. what if  

    someone took a cab from New Jersey.

    And does it make sense for a CU student to take a cab 8 blocks?

  6. ...  

    that's a pretty sweet deal, it's a pity that the bar is a load of bollocks.

  7. the way to do it  

    is to take a cab from downtown or Brooklyn after you've been out, grab a few drinks and then walk the eight blocks home..

  8. this is what happens  

    when a bar in the area is hard on fake ids

  9. jewish  

    im going to pay $2 for a subway ride to brooklyn and then take a cab back.

  10. suggestion

    How about a limousine?

  11. Too old for Bwog

    This will never compare to the old SoHa, which was on that site. Oh, the sketchiness, the memories.

  12. Not an econ major  

    but this is only a good deal if you were going to take a cab anyway, especially since you'll likely decide to buy more drinks than those on the free tab.

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