First Flake of the Season Contest

Written by is forecasting that the Columbia campus could see the season’s first snow showers early Tuesday morning.

According to their hour-by-hour forecast, snow showers could begin around 3 a.m. and continue into the early afternoon, becoming mixed with rain.

Now Bwog has been let down by snow forecasts many times over the years, so don’t bet the tuition money on this one just yet. But, because Bwog does love snow oh so very much, even the slimmest, tiniest prospect brings great excitement.

So why not mark the occasion with a contest?

Bwog wants to know who can spot the first flake of the semester. If you see snow, post where and when you saw the flurry in a comment. The sharp-eyed spotter gets good luck, at least according to some Appalachian folk traditions and this badly written Internet fiction.

Keep watching the skies!

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  1. you are late  

    First flakes seen outside Mudd nearly 10 days ago.

  2. very late.  

    there was snow on the 5th.

  3. looks like  

    bwog is procrastinating with posts about snowflake sighting contests. then again, i am procrastinating by reading and commenting on it!

  4. Nooo!  

    It's not snowing anymore!

  5. even later  

    it snowed october 21. you could see it from the sixth floor of lewishon.

  6. erra erra

    White liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiines
    Pure as the driven snow

  7. call me frosty  

    from the way i be shovelling that snowman

  8. why did  

    Frosty drop his pants?

    he heard the snowblower was coming into town.

  9. squeaky voiced teen  

    keep watching the skiis!

    i mean, skies.

  10. countree gramir  

    it snew a little, Cletus

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