Hawkmadinejad is Out of His/Her Mind

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Avian tipster extraordinaire Courtney Douds has sent along the following absolutely insane photos of your Hawkmadeinjad ruthlessly tearing into her* prey outside Math today. 

* Douds also points out that “this red-tail is of a size that makes her more likely to be female, since female raptors tend to be about a third larger than their male counterparts.”

Hawkmadinejad is a crazy person. More evidence after the jump and on Douds’ Facebook page.


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  1. Finish Him!  


  2. So Scary  

    She picked up this sad pigeon around 1p today on the steps. I know because I saw her fly down and scoop it UP! So scary.

  3. to the photographer  

    Awesome photos!

  4. they always say

    a hawk will take after its namesake...

  5. Hawkmadinejad  

    Hawkmadinejad for Class Day speaker?

  6. Silly Rabbit  

    Feed Hawkmadinejad!

    Blood sacrifices. C'mon folks this is Freshman stuff. I saw a giant rat run by the other day on the Butler steps...hopefully he gets that next. Nasty thing.

  7. what?  

    Hawkmadinejad is a she?? Might we consider renaming her HawkMa-rgaretThatcher?

  8. this is why  

    we can't negotiate without preconditions.

  9. i feel a little  


  10. 3333333333333  

    Columbians, we must think strategically. I propose we create a Fund For Future now to buy as many red-tail hawks as we can, so they may mate with Hawkmadinejad and preserve her fearsome genes for the years to come.

  11. Hawkmadinejad  

    Could eat Joel Klein.

  12. OMG!

    I think that poor pigeon might be hurt!

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