QuickSpec: Restriction Edition

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Your personal artistic freedom, limited no longer!

Your life in a Columbia dorm: restrictive, your life in a semi-real apartment building: restrictive also

One week till you get to vote once again and decide whether ROTC will restrict your rights on campus

Will Columbia “diversify a predominantly white and male administration” in picking a new provost? Yes We Can!

Finally, let your faith in Columbia sports increase six-fold after this weekend

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  1. stupid  

    That ROTC survey is meaningless and misleading; since the survey has no consequences, the average student will not be inclined to vote, producing misleading results, unlike a referendum, where people would feel compelled to vote because of the gravity of their doing so. Obama may well repel ROTC and there's no likely change to ensue from the Senate, given Prezbo and Brinkley don't seem to support ROTC's return.

    Also, the CCSC VP Policy's assertion that the process has been transparent and inclusive is a total joke. I don't think I've seen anything as poorly handled than that in the time that Ive been here.

  2. ummm  

    wtf is wrong with spec's site???

  3. ???

    I don't get it, how would ROTC restrict people's rights on campus? Its not like students would be forced to join the military or anything

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